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Why AGICO is Your Best Cement Plant Equipment Supplier

As a professional cement and mineral machinery supplier in both equipment and consultancy solutions, AGICO has supported more than 20 cement plant construction and upgrading project around the world. AGICO focus on full plant life-cycle of cement plant, from custom plant design, cement machinery supply to organization of construction, our professional expertise team will help you at every step.

How to make cement plant more sustanialbe, eco and cost efficient, it is always related to main equipment and essential facilities. AGICO supplies pre-calciner kiln with capacities ranging from 700-10000 tons clinker per day, customers own various scales of cement plant can get the matched rotary kiln for production, until now AGICO has provided more than 50 cement plant equipment from 750-8000 tons.

As cement industry keeps developing and upgrading in the last decade, customers now need various cement plant solutions due to production method, environment protect policy, raw material types, etc. AGICO has the advantages of designing turn-key cement plant project of high quality and production level, and providing certain cement plant machinery. Our services include complete solutions, services, operation and maintenance.

Major Cement Plant Equipments

Cement rotary kiln is main equipment for calcining cement clinker. It has been widely used in cement, metallurgy and chemical industries. The equipment consists of a cylinder, a supporting device, a supporting device with a blocking wheel, a transmission device, a movable kiln head, a kiln tail sealing device, a combustion device and other components. The rotary kiln has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and easy control of production process.

  • Calcining Equipment for Clinker - Cement Rotary Kiln. This key equipment is composed of 8 main parts: cylinder, supporting device, transmission device, block device, movable kiln head, kiln tail sealing device, combustion device, etc. Rotary Kiln supplied by AGICO with features of simple structure, reliable operation and easy control .
  • Pre-heating Device- Cyclone Pre-heater. This equipment is used for reducing heat loss of cement plant as well as increasing production efficiency. Usually 5 stage cyclone preheater are widely used in cement plant of different scales.
  • Cooling Equipment - Grate Cooler works as a quench cooler, its working princile is simply blow cold air to layered material on grate board, in cement plant, clinker temperature would drop below 100 ° C, and the heat would be transfered to kiln for heat recycle.

The cyclone preheater is suitable for supporting the use of various kiln types (listed in the catalog). Based on the conversion and digestion of the main equipment imported from Japan Kawasaki with a daily output of 800 tons and a daily output of 1,000 tons of cement clinker, a daily output of 500 tons, 2000 Five-stage suspension preheater with ton decomposition furnace. The preheater can be widely used in the construction and renovation of large, medium and small cement plants.

The grate cooler is a type of quench cooler. Its principle is to use a blower to blow cold air to quench the layered clinker spread on the grate board, so that the temperature of the clinker drops from 1200 ° C to 100 ° C. Below, a large amount of cooled exhaust gas is removed into the kiln for secondary air.