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What is Working Principles of Jaw Crusher

Customer Feedback on Jaw Crusher

Many customers call to consult the clay production line in cement plant. Although we have given the equipment configuration plan according to the actual situation of customer. Most of them still need to configure the jaw crusher . If some customers have production experience, it is easy to understand the role of the jaw crusher, why should the jaw crusher be configured . However, some customers have not invested in stone production lines before, and they don't understand the role of the jaw crusher in the stone crushing . The customer's ideas can be understood. After all, if you can save investment, no one wants to buy more than 100,000 to hundreds of thousands to buy a jaw crusher. Jaw crushers are available in a variety of models, and the prices are generally more than 100,000. Some customers need to hold different ideas about the jaw crusher in order to save investment. Here we briefly talk about why the jaw crusher is generally required in the stone production line.

Jaw Crusher in Mineral Field

The jaw crusher is abbreviated as E-break, a mechanical equipment mainly used for crushing of various mineral materials. Because it has the advantages of large crushing ratio, few components, compact structure and uniform particle size, it is widely used in cement production line.  Based on this info, the following will be a brief introduction to the coarse crushing equipment in the stone production line - the jaw crusher.

What is Application of Jaw Crusher for Cement Production Line?

  1. The mineral materials after crushing by the jaw crusher are mostly cubes, which will help deep processing in the later stage.
  2. "V" type deep cavity design, the new jaw crusher not only produces no dead zone, but also can improve the feeding capacity and output. 
  3. The adjustment range of the discharge opening of the jaw crusher is large, which can meet the requirements of different users. 
  4. All parts of the machine are made of high-quality and high-quality materials, which have strong wear resistance and long service life.
  5. Compared with other crushing equipment, the energy saving performance of the new jaw crusher can reach 15% to 30%. 
  6. Jaw crusher is an important equipment with coarse crushing function in all crushers. It is also a device with a large inlet to meet some large stone feeding.

Therefore, if it is a large stone, it is intended to be crushed into small and medium particles. In clay production line, a jaw crusher is required.

Other Related Crushing Equipments:

In addition to jaw crusher, the whole clay production line will also involve some auxiliary crushing equipment, such as impact crusher, conveyor, feeder, etc., specifically the production process of stone production line composed of jaw crusher. The crushing process of jaw crusher is as follows:

The stone material is evenly sent to jaw crusher for rough breaking by vibrating feeder. The coarsely broken material is sent to the impact crusher for crushing again. The crushed material is sent to vibrating screen for screening by the belt conveyor. Then product is sent back to the impact crusher for re-crushing. Crushed material with the required particle size is sent to vibrating screen. The vibrating screen is divided into different specifications according to the particle size and then sent to corresponding finished product area by the conveyor.