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Vertical Roller Mill Better than Common Cement Miller

Vertical Roller Mill and Common Ball Mill Compare

Heavy-duty vertical roller mills for cement plant are similar to some ordinary equipment, but they are very different from horizontal ball mills. Strictly speaking, heavy duty pulverizer with stable performance is a vertical roller mill, but they also have some differences, such as production time, internal structure, range of grinding fineness and industrial field. Here are some differences between the heavy duty vertical roller mill and ordinary grinding equipment?

Vertical Roller Mill - Internal Structure

The shape of heavy duty vertical roller mill is similar to a common mill, but its internal structure is different. Grinding roller position of vertical roller mill is fixed after operation adjustment. Grinding roller rotates like a pinion and does not have direct contact with the grinding disc. Bottom grinding disc rotates all the time and grinding roller rotates, and raw material is ground in the gap between the discs, vertical grinding roller can be released through the lever bracket during inspection and maintenance.

Vertical Roller Mill - Grinding Fineness Range

Heavy-duty vertical roller mill has a long develop history, grinding particle size range is slightly thicker, and vertical grinding technology is older. After technical improvements on the basis of the cement mill, grinding range of granules will be more detailed, and material moisture content is reduced by included drying system. Materials with too fine a fineness will be ground, and qualified fine powder will enter cyclone with airflow and be discharged through powder tube.

Vertical Roller Mill - Application Fields

These two types of grinding equipments have high market utilization rates and similar application industries, such as metallurgical building materials, cement, chemicals, and refractories. Heavy duty Vertical Roller Mill is more suitable for large professional industries such as cement and non-metal mining. Heavy duty Vertical roller mill has its own drying function, which is very cost effective compared with other types.