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Role of Liner in Cement Crushing Equipment

Linner Plate for mineral crushing

For raw material crushing equipment in cement plant, working process is common function of different parts inside. There are many types of parts in crusher, but not all parts are involved in crushing process, some parts are involved in material. During crushing, some parts play a role in protecting the equipment, and some parts deliver the crushing force. The functions of these different parts together ensure the safe production process. The lining is one of the protective parts of the machine. So here is the role of liner in crushing equipment.

  1. The lining is inside crushing equipment. It is a piece of protrusion. Since the equipment is consumable equipment: when working, when the wear reaches a certain level, the internal parts will wear gradually with extension of working time. At the same time, crushing equipment can no longer work smoothly, the lining can protect the inside shell, reduce the wear or damage of some parts inside, and reduce the impact on the equipment working efficiency. Reduce the cost of repairing parts;
  2. Liner can improve the efficiency and productivity of the crusher, for liner usually has serrations. While equipment is working, serration can effectively crush the material, the effect is very obvious, but this effect will make the sawtooth and material The friction between them causes the saw teeth to wear out gradually and lose their effect. Therefore, it is possible to use a more excellent steel sheet to process the lining to improve its own hardness and wear resistance, which also improves the working strength and productivity of apparatus.

Here AGICO mainly introduces the role of liner in crusher. As can be seen from analysis, there are two main aspects, one is the protection of equipment, and the other is improvement of equipment efficiency. The former can reduce the production cost of equipment Investment, the latter needs to choose a better steel plate to process the lining to ensure the production efficiency and work intensity. It can be seen that lining is a very important part of device interior. During production, we need to regularly check the wear and tear, if it is worn, repair or replace it in time to ensure the steady working performance.