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Open Storage Impact On Indicators Of Clinker

The effect of Open Storage on Chemical and Mechanical performance

The rotary kiln clinker is stored in the open air for 1 to 4 months. When the fineness and specific surface area are basically the same, f-CaO decreases with the extension of time, the setting time is prolonged, and the bending and compressive strength are reduced. The trend of Figure 1.59 to Figure 1.62 visually illustrates the trend of clinker f-CaO, setting time, flexural strength and compressive strength over time.

Melting Rate and Shrinkage of Raw Material
Trend graph  of-CaO with storage time and Condensation time with storage time

The clinker was stored in the open air for 1 to 4 months. The chemical analysis data did not change much, and the clinker mineral composition changed slightly. It can be seen from Fig. 1.61 and Fig. 1.62 that the open storage of clinker has a great influence on the flexural strength and compressive strength of clinker. After 1 month of storage of clinker, the flexural strengths of 1d, 3d and 28d are reduced respectively. 0.2MPa, 1.0MPa and 0.9MPa, the compressive strength decreased by 1.1MPa, 2.0MPa and 3.7MPa, respectively. With the increase of storage time, the strength reduction increased. After 4 months of storage in the open air, the flexural strengths of 1d, 3d and 28d decreased by 1.0MPa, 2.1MPa and 2.9MPa respectively, and the compressive strength decreased by 6 respectively. .4MPa, 5.6MPa and 7.2MPa.

It can be seen that the rotary kiln clinker should not be stored in the open air for a long time. In addition to the reduction of f-CaO for clinker, other valuable data, especially the clinker strength, will decrease linearly with time, and the quality is poor. The clinker will fall even more.

Flexural and Compressive Strength
Trend of flexural strength with storage time Compressive strength with storage time

The Effect of Open Storage on Appearance Quality

  • Rotary kiln clinker In addition to spherical and blocky, there are some granular and powder clinker below 5mm. In summer or winter, a few days after the rain and snow, the powdery clinker hardens with water, which has a great influence on the appearance of the clinker. At the same time, it brings a lot of inconvenience to the shipment.
  • Block clinker has cracking and chalking.
  • Clinker is washed by rainwater. Due to the chemical reaction of iron and sulfur, some yellow and white surface layers appear, which makes the clinker lose its smooth and oily surface, and the appearance quality is affected. For commercial clinker, the price is relatively low.

Other effects brought by open storage

Whether it is felt cloth, woven cloth or plastic cloth, rain and snow weather, large area coverage, the effect is very small. In addition, due to the high temperature of the clinker, the aging, melting, scorching, and igniting of the felt cloth, the woven cloth and the plastic cloth sometimes occur, leaving hidden dangers to the safety production, which should be paid enough attention.