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How To Lower Heat Loss Rate Of Rotary Kiln

Cement Rotary Kiln Heat Loss Rate

Cement Rotary Kilns are used for pyroprocessing stage of manufacturing various types of cement, which calcium carbonate reacts with silica bearing minerals to form a mixture of calcium silicates. In cement production process is lost irretrievably lot of energy, reduction of these losses on a global scale gives a visible saving of consumed fuel and less output of CO2.

Main Reasons for High Heat Loss Rate of Cement Rotary Kiln

  • One Surface Heat Loss
    If the cylinder length is too long, it will increase contact area between cylinder and outside world. Due to low outside temperature, it is easy to cause heat loss in cylinder, or no heat insulation material is used in the cylinder, which will increase the heat loss on cylinder surface.
  • Heat loss of Exhaust Gas
    If exhaust gas discharged from the cylinder has a higher temperature, heat loss rate of rotary kiln will increase, so pay attention to reducing the exhaust gas temperature in production, which can reduce the increase of the heat loss rate of the rotary kiln to a certain extent.
  • Thermal Efficiency of Single Cylinder Cooler
    The clinker after it is discharged from kiln needs to be cooled by a single barrel cooler. Thermal efficiency of cooling has a great impact on heat loss rate. Therefore, the cooling equipment needs to be thermally balanced in rotary kiln system design.

Solutions for Reducing Heat Loss of Cement Rotary Kiln

  1. Use heat-resistant materials reasonably which has good heat insulation and optimized structure of rotary kiln equipment, especially the joint parts should be sealed with a good sealing effect.
  2. Use a preheater system with high heat exchange efficiency, such as a five-stage cyclone preheater, which can effectively reduce the temperature of exhaust gas. If you want to reduce the amount of exhaust gas, you must control fuel combustion, and fuel must not burn excess air.
  3. Increasing decomposition rate of materials before entering rotary kiln, combustion air, etc., cooler structure and lifting device can also be improved, which can improve thermal efficiency of cooler and reduce discharge of exhaust gas.