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How To Do Dust Remove For Cement Ball Mill

Ball Mill Working Method

How does reduce work of the cement ball mill dust in the summer? The ball mill equipment is an indispensable grinding process in the beneficiation production, but it will also face a problem when it is actually produced, especially in the summer. Dust pollution, especially since the country has strict environmental protection rules, dust removal issues have become more and more important.

Solution Invented for Dust Removing

With the efforts of the technicians, finally found a good solution, which is very necessary and effective to equip the ball mill with dust removal equipment. The dust not only affects the working environment of ball mill, but also endangers the health of the operators. The dust removal operation is the last step of cement grinding operation of the ball mill. The effect of dust removal operation will directly affect the overall effect of the grinding operation. It is better to choose which type of dust collector to use. After many research and tests. It was decided to use a cyclone dust collector as a primary dust removal device and water dust as a secondary dust removal device. After this measure was used, the effect was immediately improved, and the dust removal effect of the ball mill equipment was greatly improved.

2 Stage Dust Remove Design

After the cement ball mill adopts 2-stage dust removal, it continuously recovers a large amount of dust substances, improves the working environment sanitation of the equipment, and also reduces the work of dealing with dust. When the cement ball mill adopts two-stage dust removal, it should also pay attention to some problems. It is the group cyclone dust collector. The lower part of the ash bucket should be sealed to ensure that there is no air leakage. Otherwise, this will have a great impact on the efficiency of dust removal. Also, we should use the cyclone dust collector. Insulation measures to avoid condensed water inside the dust collector and affect the dust removal effect of the equipment.If the ball mill is equipped with a secondary dust removal device to solve the environmental hazards of the equipment, but also to improve the production efficiency of the energy-saving ball mill, in today's country vigorously advocate circular economy, reduce corporate pollution, create a green industry, the development of green production is The direction of development.