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How to Choose Limestone Jaw Crusher for Cement Plant

Limestone Jaw Crusher

When limestone jaw crusher is working under heavy load conditions and in a dusty and harsh environment, what requirements must limestone jaw crusher meet to ensure the safety and reliability of the limestone jaw crusher? Safety and reliability are important in Limestone crushing plant for continurous production, once limestone jaw crusher is donwn, whole cement production need to stop for maintenance.

What is Limestone

The limestone texture is excellent and exposed to the surface, easy to mine and low in development cost, and easy to process and comprehensively utilize. Limestone can be used in many fields after crushing and grinding, and has achieved considerable economic benefits. Therefore, the limestone powder processing industry has gradually become hot in recent years.

Limestone Liner Plate

Limestone can be divided into four different specifications according to the pulverization fineness: single fly powder (95% through 200 mesh), double fly powder (about 99% through 325 mesh), three fly powder (about 99.9% through 325 mesh) and four fly powder (about 99.95% through 400 mesh) for different industrial sectors.

  • Single fly powder: raw materials for the production of anhydrous calcium chloride, sodium dichromate, glass and cement, also used in building materials and poultry feed.
  • Double fly powder: raw materials for the production of anhydrous calcium chloride and glass, white filler for rubber and paint, and also a building material.
  • Three fly powder: used as a filler for plastics, paint putties, plywood and paint.
  • Four flying powder: used as a filler for wire insulation, rubber molded products and asphalt linoleum.

limestone Jaw Crusher Selection Tips:

The form of limestone jaw crusher is selected according to crushing process requirement and raw material hardness, physical and mechanical properties of raw material, crushing ratio and other factors affecting rock's friability.

  1. The transmission device and discharge opening of the limestone jaw crusher must have safety protection devices;
  2. The limestone jaw crusher must be equipped with reliable dustproof devices and dust removal devices;
  3. limestone jaw crushers should have simple and effective safety devices;
  4. Construction of limestone jaw crusher should ensure that all worn parts, especially broken parts, are replaced quickly and easily.

The number of these components should be minimal, and the weight of each component should not be too large, and the shape should be as easy to manufacture and repair as possible.